In the search for fitness and health, you can learn to work with your body rather than against it.


It doesn't have to hurt

The human body – your body – thrives on movement.

It craves movement to feel energized and alive,

uses movement to become strong, supple and agile.

That's how it's designed

And yet sport, dance and exercise can make us feel something else:

sore joints, stiff muscles, and that awful feeling of

I can’t do this anymore!

How is it that sometimes, movement makes us stronger and healthier,

makes us feel amazing,

and sometimes,

it can hurt us and wear us down?

What if you could deliberately choose movement that supports your body,

rather than breaking it down?

What if you could transform your body and movement step by step

so that being in your body felt like a gift?

You can. You absolutely can.

Even if you currently look in the mirror and hate what you see,

or injury has stopped you from doing what you love.

Even if you resent the feeling of aging,

or long ago accepted that pain is a necessary evil in training.

You absolutely can.

Pity we didn’t learn this at school.

But you can learn it now.

It’s a process. A process that will be unique to you.

It’ll take a little curiosity. A little courage. A lot of attention.


with each step

Your body will thank you

My invitation to you

Learn to move, exercise and train intelligently

body intelligence + mental skill = improved health and performance

Experience a class to suit your needs, or get the tools to run, sit, dance or leap with more ease.


Options for everyday fitness and for elite performance.

Join a regular class

for fitness or relaxation

Get moving

The 60-minute joy-of-movement workout experience that is a Nia™ class. Dance your heart out and discover the far-reaching benefits of holistic fitness. Adaptable to any fitness level, from gentle to athletic: move in your body’s way.


Franklin Method™ movement, visualisation and ball exercises to release tension, improve posture, and enhance body awareness. Relaxation tools you can experience in class and take with you into your daily life.

Move gently

Gentle movement in peaceful surroundings. Warm-up exercises using principles from both Niaand the Franklin Method plus Qi Gong series/ Tai Ji sequences for mindful movement. Suitable for anyone, excellent for seniors.

Workshops and Customised Experiences

Improve (dynamic) posture and movement skill


A series of tailor-made sessions to work on an aspect of your body/movement that you would like to improve. Build your own unique toolbox for your body, your mind, and your situation.


Tension release, improved coordination, comfortable dynamic posture, greater ease in your body. Targeted workshops with Franklin Method tools and Nia insights to discover a new way of moving your body.

Your group/team

Custom workshops/courses for the needs of your sport/movement form. Practical tools for working with the body-mind connection to improve focus, stability, flexibility, coordination, and to enhance the benefits of your training.