Learn to work with your body, rather than against it

... and enjoy the feeling of coming home

Come and experience an approach to fitness and health that will change how you relate to your body.

It’s kind. It’s challenging. It may take courage.

Choose a class or workshop experience to suit your needs.

Group classes

for you. in community. weekly.

Get moving

The 60-minute joy-of-movement workout experience that is a Nia™ class. Dance your heart out and discover the far-reaching benefits of holistic fitness. Adaptable to any fitness level, from gentle to athletic: move in your body’s way.

Journey inwards

Franklin Method™ movement, visualisation and ball exercises to release tension, improve posture, and enhance body awareness. Relaxation tools you can experience in class and take with you into your daily life.

Move into harmony

Gentle movement in peaceful surroundings. Warm-up exercises using principles from both Niaand the Franklin Method plus Qi Gong series/ Tai Ji sequences for mindful movement. Suitable for anyone, excellent for seniors.

Workshops, Courses, Individual Sessions

focused. one-offs. customisable.


One or more sessions. Your unique body, your unique process, guided by knowledge, insight and support.


Periodic workshops with specific themes e.g. Neck and shoulder release; customising conditioning; creating a healthy spine.

Your group/team

Want to create a custom experience for a specific group? Body. Mind. Movement. Magic. Let’s talk!