Megan Robertson

Nia and Franklin Method teacher

Classes in Harare. Workshops in Harare and internationally.

I like to talk about Body-Mind synergy.

When body and mind work WITH rather than AGAINST each other, magic happens.


This is the same whether you need your body to support a clear, focused mental state; or you need to direct your mental energy to play your best game or dance your best dance. It’s the difference between a fitness class or training session that feels like unpleasant hard work, and one that feels like the best experience of your life, leaving you ready to face the world.

Most people know this intuitively, or through experience, but how do you make it happen – deliberately and consistently?

I offer Nia classes – a phenomenal holistic fitness experience where the synergy is built-in. You simply have to say yes to it. I also offer Franklin Method classes and workshops – where you can learn how to use body and mind together to improve any movement experience, from running, to dancing, to typing at a computer. I also lead a Tai Ji meet-up.

A few things you might want to know:

  • I work with principles not prescriptions

    A specific exercise can create health or injury, depending on how it is performed by the person doing it. I believe the best thing I can do is to help guide you in becoming responsible for your own movement - learning how your body works and reacting to the feedback of sensation.

  • I work with the dual perspectives of movement for performance and movement for health

    I know the satisfaction of mastering technique. I also know the joys of listening to my body's cues for healthy movement. Now, health is my priority. In helping people to improve movement, I always look for the option that respects the design of the body.

  • I know about hard work and how it isn't always effective

    Growing up, I competed in artistic and then in rhythmic gymnastics. I didn't have the ideal body for either. I did a whole lot of stretching and strength training. I stretched my legs and it worked, stretched my shoulders and it didn't. We are unique, and I believe our movement and exercise should be too.

  • I graduated from Harvard, spent a year at Johns Hopkins, and experienced Zimbabwe's economic meltdown

    I know a thing or two about high-stress environments and know you need to engage a seriously intelligent support system to stay healthy. I aim to help people prioritise their body to support their life, and to make healthy choices. There's always a choice.

What if you treated your body as a gift?

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