Hi. I’m Megan,

Movement and anatomy geek

Nia and Franklin Method teacher

based in Harare.

I love the synergy that happens when body and mind work WITH rather than AGAINST each other – it feels like pure magic.


I want the world to have more of that magic.


I offer Nia classes – a multi-dimensional fitness experience whose core aim is to offer you joy in movement.

I offer Franklin Method classes and workshops designed to integrate body and mind. Experiential anatomy, imagination and awesomeness.

I also lead a Tai Ji meet-up where we slow down, tune in, and enjoy.


If you want to go deep with something that needs healing (or if you’re just outrageously curious about your amazing body), I also work one-to-one.

Like details? A little philosophy and background:

  • I work with principles not prescriptions

    Any exercise, any movement can create health or injury. The experience depends on the current state of your body and how you do the movement. I believe the best thing I can do as a teacher is to help guide you in becoming responsible for your own movement. You are the only one who can tune in to the feedback your body is giving you. You can learn what your body needs and wants, and you can learn to support that. My training, my methods and my knowledge are there to facilitate that process for you. It's never one-size-fits-all.

  • I work with the dual perspectives of movement for performance and movement for health

    I know the satisfaction of mastering technique, and of going beyond the capacity I thought I had. I stand in awe when faced with exceptional movement skill. I also know the joys of listening to my body's cues for delicious, sensory movement that creates health. I love it when they overlap. But now, health is my priority. In helping people to improve movement, I always look for the option that respects the design of the body. Even if I'm helping someone to improve skill for performance I ask, 'What does the body want here?'

  • I have a diverse movement background

    Growing up, I competed in artistic and then in rhythmic gymnastics. Training and competitions were half my world and a large part of my identity. When that was gone, I went exploring: different genres of dance, hapkido, yoga, running, capoeira. I experienced something wonderful in each of these. When I met Nia, it rocked my world, and set a process in motion. It spoke to the love of movement I had developed through multiple disciplines, and healed some of the broken things in my relationship with my body. It continues to do so.

  • I went to Harvard, spent a year at Johns Hopkins, and survived Zimbabwe's economic meltdown

    My experience of high-stress environments showed me that you need to take a stand for yourself if you want to stay healthy. The higher the pressure, the more deliberate the choices must be. For the record, I took a very long way round to the deep respect for the human body that now guides my work and my daily life. The process is a continuously unfolding one, and a personal one, as I learn to listen to my own body, and learn more about its needs and its potential. If you're ready to take a stand for yourself and want a body that supports your life and a life that supports your body, come and join me for a class, a workshop or a conversation. Sometimes you need someone to nudge you in a direction you already know you want to go. Sometimes you need someone with a different perspective to open up new possibilities. If you choose to work with me in any way, rest assured: I believe your body has magic to offer you, and I'm rooting for you.

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