What is the Franklin Method?

Effortless posture

Relief from tension


Ever wish you could get a body upgrade?

Replace a few parts, recalibrate the systems?

Meet the Franklin Method. It’s the toolbox you never knew existed that shows you how to make your entire body feel and function better. In fact, you can teach your body to feel and function better and better and better, creating an upward spiral for your health and movement.


Typical results from working with the Franklin Method:

  • You feel agile and flexible
  • Habitual tension disappears, and you know how to deal with it when it creeps up again
  • You experience a feeling of effortlessness
  • Your movement becomes more efficient, saving you energy
  • You discover that, in fact, your body can feel REALLY GOOD
  • Your coordination improves
  • Posture changes so that it feels more comfortable to have ‘good’posture (healthy, dynamic alignment) than to slouch
  • You breathe deeply and with less effort
  • You develop a deep respect for the way your body works

How does the Franklin Method work?

Ever heard of neuroplasticity? It’s the in-built capacity of your brain and nervous system to learn and change.  The Franklin Method tools make the most of this. You can influence what your mind and body learn, and how they change.

The method is informed by the most recent scientific research in this field, but it isn’t just theoretical. It transforms theory into practical tools – things you can actually DO – using imagery, touch and movement. It’s the difference between knowing your body can change, and actually changing it. And it recognises that you are a unique individual. In a Franklin Method class or workshop, you will learn principles and practices that have been proven to transform the way people move in their bodies; you will also be guided to use your own subjective experience to customise the transformation of your body.

What does it look like in practice?

Want a quick taste? The work of the Franklin Method can go very deep and change long-held patterns, if you are interested in doing the work. But, even a few minutes have an immediate effect. So if you’d like to know what ‘through imagery, touch and movement’ actually looks like in practice, here are some great snippets from Eric Franklin himself (click for videos with exercises under 10 minutes):

Imagery for a healthy backbend in yoga

How to lengthen your hamstrings

Release your lower back

Stronger abs, improved balance


change your brain and your body


weekly enjoyment

Join the Friday morning class to give your body weekly attention. ‘Me-time’ that builds habits for better movement, and an increased feeling of wellbeing in your body. This class is focused on releasing tension and developing body awareness. The anti-stress class!


focused change

Come to a workshop to learn body-mind tools for better posture, more ease, and greater coordination: Dynamic Imagery for Strength and Flexibility; Imagery for a Healthy Spine; Pelvic Power; Relax your Neck, Liberate your Shoulders

Tailor-made sessions

one-to-one or for your group/team

One-to-one sessions, or custom-made course/workshop for your movement form.  Work with a particular area of your body; learn better mental preparation for performance; improve coordination; increase efficiency and stability.

For more information about the Franklin Method, visit the international website.