Nia is a fun, sensory, dynamic workout.


Music variety that seduces you to move in different ways: from gentle to powerful; from funky to reverant.


Inspired by dance, martial arts, and therapeutic movement, Nia uses movement variety to balance and condition the whole body. Choreographed sequences, plus short sections of free dance.


The magic is YOU. How you do what you do. Your Nia teacher and the Nia class are your guides, but the experience is all yours!

At its core, Nia is all about Joy.

It goes beyond the emotion ‘I feel happy’. Do you know that sensation, when your body – part of it or all of it – just says YES? The Nia class experience, Nia workshops, and Nia trainings are about cultivating that sensation: helping you notice it, choose it, sustain it and increase it. It’s a sensation that brings health to your body, to your mind, and to your spirit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to begin? Regular Nia practice improves fitness and strength, increases grace and flexibility, enhances sensory awareness, improves circulation, strengthens the immune system, assists with weight loss and healthy weight maintenance, fosters emotional wellbeing, creates a healthy nervous system, supports organ function, improves concentration, heightens sexual function and improves posture.
Nia was created in the US by Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas in the early 1980s. At the time, they were highly successful in the fitness industry (think aerobics craze) but started to ask why their bodies hurt, and whether there wasn't a more effective, more fun way to work out. That's where it all began. Check out YouTube to see how Debbie moves after almost 30 years of Nia! (aged about 60 in this video)  Read the summarized version of the Nia story here.
You step in, barefoot, for an hour of movement to music that inspires you to move in different ways. Each class has a focus, inviting you to place your attention on something specific for the hour. The class combines structure with freedom, and goes through a series of cycles so that you move from gentle warm-up sequences, through exhilarating movement, cool down, and fitness on the floor.
Nia uses sensation to check in with the body's needs. That includes the 7 000+ nerve endings in your feet. The human body is designed to move barefoot. Wearing shoes often interferes with our feet's need for movement in all directions, and Nia offers the chance to create health from the ground up.
Yes. A Nia class is a great place to develop coordination, no matter what your starting point.
Yes. One of the beautiful things about Nia is that you can do it at level one (low intensity, small range of motion), level two (in between) or level three (maximum intensity and/or range of motion). This means that you can customize any of the movements at any time to suit the way your body is feeling, whether you are 18 or 80.
No. Nia welcomes people from all backgrounds and has no religious agenda. The 'spirit' part of Nia means connecting to, and expressing, that part of yourself that is unique. It will not interfere with your religious beliefs.