Tai Ji and Qi Gong

Gentle Movement


Join us at the Botanic Gardens on Mondays, 9 a.m.  

We meet for approximately 45 minutes

The session begins with a gentle warm-up using Franklin Method and Nia exercises and techniques. Education for healthier movement.

We then do a sequence of Qi Gong exercises (simpler, repeated movements) or a section from a Tai Ji form (sequence of different movements).

Please understand that I am no Tai Ji expert! I learned the Tai Ji form when I was working in China, and fell in love with the beautiful, flowing movements. This meet-up arose from my desire to continue with the practice on a regular basis.

You will, however, be supported by my expertise as a Franklin Method and Nia educator.

Participation is by donation ($1-$8 suggested) but please note that you will have to pay to enter the Gardens (adult = $2, adult + car = $3) unless you are over 65 (Free on Mondays). There is also a very reasonable annual ticket – pay $45 for a year (covers one adult + parking). If you buy your ticket half way through the year, you’ll pay $23 for the rest of the year.

Benefits of practising Tai Ji and Qi Gong

Even as a beginner!

  • greater relaxation
  • clearer thinking
  • improved sleep
  • improved breathing
  • improved digestion
  • strengthened immune system
  • healthier organ systems
  • balanced sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  • balanced hormones and emotions
  • strengthened body-mind-spirit connection
  • anti-aging
  • improved menstrual health for women